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12 relationship secrets women wish you knew

Being kind to others, making an effort, are two of them but if you really want to find out secret things women love when men do read on!

Being Kind to Others

Whether you’re nice to someone on the street or you put some water for a stray on a hot day. Women love it when men show kindness.

Being Sensitive

Being tough and manly is overrated, as much as a woman wants you to be her rock, but she’ll always appreciate it if you show your sensitive side.

Making An Effort

Know your flaws and work on them. Women love personal growth so when they see you being honest about your shortcomings they’ll be more than understanding.

Giving Out Compliments

Most women are self-conscious about their looks so when they make an effort you have to acknowledge it. Women like to be told they look nice, and they like a man who notices without being told.

Dress to Impress

Styles come and go, but men’s attention to their grooming and clothing should be long lasting. It’s important to women from the first flirtation through the honeymoon and beyond. “You’ve got to figure out if there’s a certain look that she likes,” says Kirschner. “If she likes a guy in tight jeans, you wear tight jeans.”

Women Like the Slow Lane

Guys often want to take the quickest path to sex. But many women prefer the scenic route. “Women want sex but they get to it in a different way,” says psychologist Kirschner, who has helped hundreds of couples achieve a more rewarding relationship. “They want to feel connected and understood, they want to be romanced.” That means time and talking and touching — in other words, foreplay.

Safe Sex Is a Turn-On

This is something both of you need to focus on, but Kirschner says that women appreciate it and feel more protected when the guy makes it clear that it’s a concern to him — and then shows her that he practices what he preaches.

Learn What They Want in Bed

Women do like to talk to about what’s going on in the sack, and they want to please their man — and a tactful approach is often best. Ask them what they like. Be sure to ask for what you want in a positive and validating way. Kirschner advises saying something along the lines of, “I would really love if you [fill in the blanks].”

Mirroring Is a Barometer of Love

Remember the saying “imitation is the highest form of flattery”? A woman often conveys how they feel about you by mirroring your moods and moves. They may order a meal that pairs with yours, wear your favorite color, or smile or cross their arms when you do. Mimicking is their way of putting you at ease and letting you know they are charmed.

Look Your Partner in the Eye

You may feel more comfortable sitting side by side, but many women prefer face time — and we don’t mean the latest mobile video chat technology. Kirschner says that women prefer their men to make eye contact with them as they’re talking. And looking her in the eye during sex will deepen the relationship outside the bedroom.

Don’t Miss the Moment

How do you know if they are ready to commit? They’ll say so. This is something that women are often quite up front about. But they don’t want to have “the talk” too often. If they are ready and they have given you time, the next time the subject comes up, be prepared to step up or step off.

Romance Is Simple; Keep It Coming

Romance is something they will always want, whether you’ve been together two months or 20 years. Flowers, an intimate dinner, a few lines of love poetry — don’t worry, they don’t have to be your own — might sound cliché, but Kirschner insists that most women appreciate such simple romantic gestures and often show their appreciation after the lights go down.

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