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What are best drinks to lose belly fat and slow aging?

You never guessed these drinks could do it all. Here are the 4 best drinks to lose belly fat and slow aging that you should drink daily.

When it comes to looking your best, your diet plays a key role in how many wrinkles you develop and how big your belly gets. According to a study published in Nutrients, certain desserts, sugary snacks, and meals that get fried, baked, or grilled have the potential to significantly age and damage your skin. This comes as terrible news, particularly to anyone who wants to lounge outdoors around the grill and pool and take in all of the culinary delights that summer has to offer.

Even if you do go hard on the sugar or grilled food this year, you can offset some of the damage by knowing what key drinks can help slow down visible aging while helping you burn off some of those excess calories. We consulted a handful of experts to get the lowdown on which drinks you need to work into your daily meal regimen in order to ensure you don’t look a day over 30 while keeping your waistline trim and fit.

1. Chlorophyll Water

If you’ve been in a juice bar, health foods store, or yoga studio in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed chlorophyll water on the shelves or menu.

What are best drinks to lose belly fat and slow aging?

Science time: Chlorophyll is the molecule that gives plants and algae their green pigment and traps sunlight for photosynthesis. You can eat it via lots of leafy green veggies, take it as a supplement in pill form, or add it to water or juice via chlorophyll drops. And you might want to do at least one of those things, because chlorophyll boasts a ton of supposed benefits.

“In addition to being nutritionally fabulous for you, chlorophyll is a detoxifier that promotes energy and weight loss,” says Los Angeles-based holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman “Chlorophyll binds with environmental pollutants including toxic metals, pollution, and certain carcinogens, and promotes cleansing, which in turn gives us more energy, mental clarity, and the potential for weight loss.”

A study published in the journal Appetite in 2013 found that adding chlorophyll-containing compounds to high-fat meals suppressed food intake and weight gain on moderately overweight women. A more recent study, also published in Appetite, found that the using green-plant membranes as a dietary supplement induced weight loss, improved obesity-related risk factors, and reduced the urge for palatable food.

And that’s not all. According to research out of Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute, chlorophyllin (which is derived from chlorophyll) has been used orally as a natural, internal deodorant (i.e. it treats bad breath and bad gas) and topically in the treatment of wounds for more than 50 years-without any serious side effects. Other research shows that chlorophyll is effective against candida albicans (which can lead to fatigue, depression, and digestive problems) and is potentially beneficial in cancer therapy. “Adding chlorophyll drops to your water promotes an alkaline environment for your body,” adds Goodman, “which can reduce inflammation. Decreased inflammation, in turn, means a reduced risk for cancer.”

Moreover, chlorophyll water is an easy way to detox, promote skin health, and provide the body with significant amounts of antioxidants. Chlorophyll water contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds, which means the skin experiences less inflammation, which can cause loose skin and wrinkles.

2. Water

One of the most effective beverages that burns fat and keeps your skin looking youthful has been sitting right under your nose this whole time.

“The closest thing you’re looking for would be water,” Katie Tomaschko, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist at Sporting Smiles says.

“Water provides hydration, which can help support a healthy metabolism and a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help with weight management/maintenance and may help slow down certain [effects] of aging such as cognitive impairment and lessening skin integrity.”

3. Black Coffee

If you love to wake up with a mug of steaming black coffee, you might already have found one of the best drinks that can keep your stomach flat and skin looking timeless.

“Black coffee is a calorie-free drink that has so many anti-inflammatory antioxidants and is hydrating,” says Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, MPH, RD. “Both of which help with both fat burning (by revving the metabolism—as does caffeine), and anti-aging by keeping skin plump and hydrated.”

Black coffee does way more than just burn calories and keep your skin looking young.

4. Green Tea

While black coffee sounds tempting, many folks can’t imagine giving up their morning green tea in place of a cup of joe—especially if they want to burn some belly fat. Luckily, green tea presents the same benefits as black coffee.

Dr. Hunnes explains that green tea contains antioxidants that stop inflammation in its tracks and makes sure you stay hydrated. These combined factors slow down the aging process and ensure you stay one step ahead of age lines and wrinkles.

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